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Facebook Lottery Team

REF: online splash promo.


We (Facebook Lottery Team) proudly announce! that your E-MAIL ACCOUNT
has been selected as one of the lucky winners and has won the sum
$5,000,000.00USD (Five Million United State Dollars ) in the on-going
Face-book online award promo. Your Ticket number is 00545 188 564756.

Prize #77801209/N,
Serial number 5368/02
Lucky numbers: 17 98 09 67 46

All participant were selected through a computer random integrated
system drawn in 27 million E-mail address address via the Internet and
lucky winners do not have to purchase any ticket to participate in
this lottery program

Kindly forward below details to:
Contact Person: Mr. David Ebersman
Tel: +447012987065


(**) Your Full names:

(**) Your Telephone Number

(**) Your Contact address:
(**) Your Occupation:
(**) Your Country:

(**) Your Age & Sex:
(**) And your lucky number above:


NOTE: For security reasons and due to the mix-up of some numbers and
names, we ask that you keep this notification strictly from public
notice until your claim has been processed and your money remitted to
you. This is part of our security protocol to avoid double claiming or
unscrupulous acts by non-participants of this program.

Yours in service,
Mr.Marc Andreessen
Facebook Lottery Facilitator.
Copyright 2013 Facebook Lottery Promotions!

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