Call Mrs Rose Moore +22996054678.For Your MTCN

  Welcome to Western Union Send Money Worldwide Contact Person: Mrs Rose Moore Tele phone Number: +22996054678. DATE 14/01/2013. Western Union  office We want to inform you that your payment of $5000 has been sent today  through western Union and i want you to contact Mrs Rose Moore immediately with his email address email ( for her to give you the Remaining two digit number of your first payment and here is western union information to pick up your first payment $5000.00.usd today . Senders Name: Mrs Rose Moore Text Question===Honest Text Answer====Trust Amount=====$5,000 usd MTCN====065-196-48_ _   call her with this number +22996054678, ask Her where you can pick up your payment, the only money you have to pay is $55.for the Transfering charge of your funds  from their office,  with the above info before the two digit number wil be giving to you, Note That the $2.5 Million was located to be sending to you $5,000 everyday until he complete sending the whole amount to you.   So be advice to send Her the Transfering charge  before you can pick up your first payment with information bellow to send the $55 to us.   RECEIVER NAME— –MR NNAMADI CELESTINE COUNTRY—- ——BENIN REPUBLIC CITY——- –COTONOU QUESTION—– -HOW MUCH ANSWER—– —-55 DOLLARS MTCN—- — SENDER NAME— —–   Wait to hear from you with the payment information before your first payment can be Relealised from western union office in your country, We wish you good luck   THANKS FOR OUR PATRONAGE, YOURS SINCERELLY MRS ROSE MOORE. Call +22996054678 FORIGN OPERATION MANAGER WESTERN UNION OFFICE BENIN REPUBLIC.

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