Kaiser Hanson Mutual Interest.

Kaiser Hanson

Dear Sir/Madam,
Compliment of the day. My name is Mr. Kaiser Hanson; I am the Head of Finance of a financial institution affiliated with the UNICEF. Our Establishment is a community Oriented Facility that helps the rural area(s) in development and Financial Services.
It is my wish to intimate you on a transaction that will be of mutual benefit if we can work together to achieve success. I do not want problems but I just hope you can assist me. I will state here that it is with good faith that I write you this letter bearing in mind the nature of its content coming from a person without any referral whatsoever, but please read and digest its content and objectively consider if we can work towards a goal.
In 2001, a contract was awarded by the World Health Organization (WHO) to a Foreign Construction company to develop a number of cottage hospitals. The capital meant for this project was deposited in our accounts as it was the only financial institution in that locality.
With my position, I traded with the money in the Stock Market and made a profit of an amount Seventeen Million, Eight Hundred & Fifty Thousand US Dollars ($17.850, 000.00).
The Initial money I returned to the owners and my profit I deposited in an Escrow call account and I did not declare this fact to my board of directors. I drew up a draft that made the money seem to be held in Trust by my Bank pending the notification of a referee and a beneficiary.
I contacted you, to stand as beneficiary of this Account because as a member of the Administrative Board of this Institution, I cannot be associated with this money. I can transfer this money to your Account following the due process regarding international Transfers of this kind. What I ask of you is that can I rely on your trust?
Can you hold this money in Trust for me till I arrive in your Country? If you can guarantee this to me then I am ready to give you 25% of the amount. Do please write to me using my personal E mail: d1kaiser1@yahoo.com
If you do not accept, Please forget I contacted you.
Thank you and God bless.
Yours truly,
Kaiser Hanson.

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